Contoh Descriptive Text Bahasa Inggris yang benar


                This s crocodile. It has sharp tusk, it life in the marsh. It eat another animal. It is wild animal. We can find inthe zoo or concervation. It has skin hard. It has sharp claw.

                This is butterfly. It is look so beautiful with kind of colour. We can find at flower park.
The butterfly has antena on its head. It has beautiful wing. It always compute honney in top flower. It life in good smell place, and it many kind of colour wing.

                 This is a elephant. It live in the junggle or forest or zoo. It has tusk, it tusk is long. It is a big animal. The elephant has a big ear and its has trunk. The trunk so long. Its has eyes. The eyes is small, the elephant eat like peanuts and fruits. And also its has a long tail and it has fur. The fur is soft and the fur is short and the colour is grey.

                This is a tiger. The animls can be found in many country in Asia. It has a stripes black and orange fur. It has tusk tooth and sharp clawy, it has eat meata. It has tail. The animals are protected by my self with pounce on preys. Many people affraid it.

                 This is a monkey. Its has grey fur. Its like eat banana. Its like climb tree. It has habitat in the forest. It is omnivora and mamalia animal. Sometimes it has short and long tail, and sometimes it has sharp tusk.

                Snake it one of wild reptile. It included carnivora’s. Snakes be a live in every where. Its a poison animal. Its body is long, about 8 metres – 10 metres. It like eat mouse and frog. It has small tusk, but very sharp to chew its prey.

                This is rose. It has torn in the stem’s. It also has red calyx and it seen so beautiful. It has good smell can interesting come’s batterfly. It also can decihrable as token romanticism. Leafs rather furred.
                This is orchid. It has many kind of colour. It stay with other plant. The orchid flower has not smell, but it is look beautiful with it is colours. This plant usually be decorated plant. It also has type in it sheath, and it has short stem. It procure food from other plant.

                This is a chili. The colour is red and green. It taste is very hot. The chili usually for a taste food and souce. It has seed. The seed is small. The chili very populer in Indonesia. It has many spesies. The chili usually live at dry season.

                This is a carrot. The colour is orange. Many people like it. The vegetable has many vitamin C to health eyes. The vegetables can be food or juice. Actually, its fruid has many fungtion.
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