Contoh Teks Drama Persahabatan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Oey sob sekarang saya mau berbagi ilmu alias tugas sekolah, ini merupakan Tugas kelompok saya tapi saya bagikan disini agar dapat membantu sobat sekalian yang sedang mencari inspirasi teks dramanya

Narrator        : Rahmawati PrabawaningTyas.
Cast              : Silvi Catur Ivani à Silvi (Protagonis)
                       Afiyah Hasnayanti à Fia (Antagonis)
                       M. Nurul A.A. à Chika (Tritagonis)
                       Sony Ilham Wicaksono. à Sony (Tritagonis)
                       Salahuddin Al Ayyubi à Yubi (Tritagonis)
(nama-nama diatas hanya buat contoh aja bro jangan di contoh beneran ya)

NB : Untuk yang bercetak miring itu adalah teks bacaan untuk narator) 

Narrator       : Fia and Silvi is a good friend. They had been friends since childhood, but one day when the Silvi’s family has impoverished, Fia was no longer wish to be friends with Silvi. When Fia, Silvi, Chika, Yubi, and Sony was cleaning the class before going to home, Silvi asking to Fia for help, but Fia insulting Silvi.

Silvi              : Fi, can you help me to move this table?
Fia                : What? Help? Do you think you are?
Silvi              : What's with you, Fi? Aren’t we friends? Do you've forgotten?
Fia                : Friend? Sorry, I don’t have a friend like you who poor. I just want to be
                       friends with people who are rich.
Sony             : What's wrong with you two? Seemed to be problematic.
Silvi              : No, nothing. We're both fine. Yes it Fia?
Fia                : Fine? This poor kid was asking for help to me. But unfortunately, I don’t
                       want to help people like him, Eww
(Silvi also go by hearing words such Fia)

Sony             : Don’t be like that, Fi. Instead of you and Silvi did friends from childhood?
  Now that Silvi’s family was impoverished, you no longer want to be
  friends him? Instead of a time like this you can show to she, if you were
  her bestfriend. Rather than left.
Chika            : It’s true. You should now support her, not insult her like that. Pity Silvi.
Yubi             : Yes it. What kind of friend are you?
Fia                : You think anyone would dare you advise me? It is up to me what to do.
                       Mind yourselves.
Yubi             : We don’t intend to advise you. But we don’t want your friendship with
                       Silvi ended up like this.
Fia                : Aargh, it’s not your problem.

(Fia immediately return)

Chika            : How could she do that to Silvi. Had not is she who always defended
                       Silvi when there is a problem?
Sony             : That only she knows. But the one thing that finally we know, Fia just
                       want to be friends with people who are rich.
Chika            : No wonder.
Yubi             : Come on, don’t be discussed again, we better go home.
Chika            : That’s right.
Sony             : Let's Go!!!
Narrator        :  The next day, they go back to school as usual, but not with Silvi. This also occurs for 2 consecutive weeks. In the end when the four were on their way to school, they accidentally met with Silvi on the roadside looking for boxes.

Sony             : Hey, she is not Silvi?
Chika            : yes, she is Silvi. What's she doing? She’s not going to school, but why
 did  she playing ?

(Sony was immediately appealing Fia the road behind her and was engrossed in his iPhone)

Sony             : See that? What did your friend do?
Fia                : haha ​​... definitely she is searching some garbage. She is a poor guy.
Yubi             : Anyway. Let's go there.
Sony             : Sil, what are you doing? Why you don’t go to school for 2 week?
Silvi              : (a Shocked) Me? Yes, as you see.
Fia                : I told you so? Surely she was looking for garbage. As you don’t know the
                       work of the poor.
Chika            : Fia, even so, she's still your friend.
Sony             : What the hell. Sil,Why you don’t go to school?
Silvi              : Well, my parents don’t have money to pay me and my brother for school.
  But my little brother want going back to school, so I relented just for my
little brother. Let my little brother's school and I was helping my parents
to make ends meet.
Yubi             : Honor all your heart, Sil.
Fia                : Honor what? She just wanted to find sympathy ? these guys easily fooled
Silvi              : How could you say that to me. I know now I was poor, but I still have
feelings. If you don’t want to be friends again with me, it does not matter
for me, but don’t you despised me with this saying. One again, I never
regret acquainted with you. But it was a learning experience for me.
Thank you Fia.

(Silvi was running as fast as possible leaving the four of them with mixed feelings)

Sony             : How satisfied are you hurt her? remember, one day you will also feel
  what Silvi feel now.
Yubi&Chika : Yes it is.
Fia                : What? That's not possible. My family could not have fallen into poverty
like her. My family has a lot of businesses that produce a lot of money. And would not run for 5 generations. Haha

(Chuckling Fia any way to leave the three of them)

Yubi             : Arrogant once the child. Hope her life is fine.
Sony             : yes. Indeed, sometimes we have to realize that there are certain people
who can live in our hearts, but not in our lives
Chika            : yes correct it. And hopefully one day we can meet again with Silvi.

(Finally, three of them to continue the journey to school)

Narrator       : After 2 years passed, Fia, Chika, Yubi, and Sony not meet Silvi. Apparently Silvi now adopted by a wealthy family and Silvi schooled in the same school with Chika, Yubi, and Sony. One day when Silvi entered for the first time at the new school, Chika, Yubi, and Sony very surprised.

Yubi             : See the new student, her face seemed to be familiar to me.
Sony             : Ehmmm, yes Yub. It seems like I've been acquainted with her.
Chika            : Who are you talking about?
Yubi Sony    : She!
Chika            : haah???? SHE IS SILVI!!!
Sony             : yeah, yes she is Silvi!!
Yubi             : Hey!! Silvi, come here!
Silvi              : you three?? You school here?
Chika            : Yes
Silvi              : Well, I don’t think I'd see you again. Where’s Fia?
Yubi             : We haven’t seen her since 2 years ago.
Sony             : Yeah, it looks like she's moving house.
Chika            : Come on, let's go to class. Your class same with my class right?
Silvi              : Um, Yeah
Sony             : Let's Go!!!

Narrator       : At afternoon, Fia singing in front of the Silvi’s house. And it turns Chika, Yubi, and Sony was at the Silvi’s house. Then the four of them went to Fia.

Chika            : Fia, what are you doing?
Fia                : you guys? I ..., I ... I'm working to support myself.
Yubi             : Where are your parents?? Why can you work?
Fia                : My parents died two years ago due to an accident, and none of their
business forward. So all the treasures of my parents are gone, and I just
live alone now.
Sony             : Fi, I was reminded of the words that I speak 2 years ago. I'm sorry, Fia
Fia                : I should be asking for forgiveness. I used too arrogant to you, Sil. Now  I
feel what you feel, I know that God is just. I'm sorry, Sil. I'm sorry.
Silvi              : Never mind, Fia. Forget it, I've forgotten all of what you said before. Now
the four of us are friends right?
Chika            : Yes. Whatever happens we will stay together, right?
SYS              : Yeah !!
Fia                : um, do you really forgive me?
Silvi              : Of course, Fia. I'm sure by now you've changed.
Fia                : Well, thank you friends. Apparently friendship is everything.
Chika            : How about we help you singing, Fi?
Silvi              : Great idea!
Sony             : I agree, would have been very nice.
Yubi             : Come on! Where we can singing, Fia?
Fia                : Emm, how about in Purwosari market? there it crowded?
Sony             : Let's Go!!!!!!

Narrator: As of today, Fia, Silvi, Chika, Yubi, and Sony friendly. Fia appointed child foster parent Silvi. The four of them were always together and always laughing together.

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