Teks Dongeng Danau Toba dalam Bahasa Inggris


Once upon a time there was a prosperous village in a far away island called Sumatra. In northern part of the island, lived a farmer whose name was toba. He lived alone in a hut by small forest .he worked on his farmland to ngrow rice and vegetables that he sells to local market.
      There stood  in his living room a very beautiful girl.the girlgreeted him nicely. For a moment toba was speechless.when he could control  his emotion his emotion he asked her.
Toba immediately rushed to his kitchen and the fish was nowhere to be seen. He saw some gold coins instead.
‘ Whose coins are these? Why there are some coins here?’
‘Those coins are mine. As I changed into human being my scales changed into gold coins’.
 ‘Ok you can live here  and work for me. Your room is over there’
 ‘Thank You very Much Mr. Toba’
      since that day the beautiful girl lived in toba’s house.since she was very beautiful toba fell in love with her and not long after that they got married. Soon he grew up into a handsome boy. Toba named him samosir. Unfortunately samosir was a lazy boy. They ordered samosir to bring food for his father for lunch while her mother stayed at home to do household chores. But samosir never did his duty well. He always woke up very late. He woke up after midday.then one day his mother forced him to bring the food.
“ O, you are stupid lazy boy. You are son of a fish”.
 Samosir  was hurt. He went home right away and  as he got home he told his mother  about his father’ s words. Samosir ‘s mother  was shocked. She was also deeply hurt.
 ‘O,toba. You break your promise  so I cannot live with you here anymore.  Now you have to accept
To consequence  of what you did.
           Then it was called lake toba and in the middle of the lake there is an island called samosir Island. Meanwhile Toba”s wife disappeard.
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