Contoh Deskripsi tumbuhan Jeruk Purut Bahasa Inggris

  jeruk purut (citrus hystrix dc)

            lime coined the common name kaffir lime  citrus hystrix dc comes
from the geraniales.
            Lime man people in pekarangans planting or in garden, leaves are compound pinnate leaf areas live one child. Partially in lated petide resembling leaf lets. Shaped leaf blade ovate to oblong, base roundedor blunt, blunt tip, tip blunt tapered, edge beringgit, 8-15 cm long 6cm and big 2cm, two smooth surfaces with small spont of color clear, dark green opper surface somewhat glossy, lower  surface green or yellow easy, apaque, leaves fragran when crushad thing.
            The flower shaped stars, reddis white or yellowish white,ovoid fruit shape green skins wrinkled, bumps, somewhat sour taste bitter.
            Lime coined properties is body tired and weak after working hard,overcome influenza, treat scaly and pelling  skin, and old lime in to parts, then rub on skin scaly, dry easy to peel.
            Lime is often used in cooking, baking or made sweets. Lime can be planted by seed or transplant.

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