Contoh Teks Drama dalam bahasa Inggris

ini sebenarnya tugas sekolah saya sob, tapi saya share di sini aja bar sobat sekalian guna sobat dapat terinspirasi dan dapat lebih mudah untuk membuatnya.

silahkan di baca sob..

            On the day, there lived a boy named yubi in an orpanage. He hopes to have the parrents. Until day there Mrs. Ayu will who appointed her.. Yubi os very happy when there is someone who would make him a child. Eventually the mother was taking yubi to his house.
Mom   : Salah, Uddin, Al, come here!.
Salah   : Yes, mom?
Mom   : Begin now, you hav a new Brother.
Uddin : Hey, who’s your name?
Yubi    : My name is Yubi, and you?
Uddin : I Uddin, and this is my Brother Salah and Al.
Yubi    : Nice to meet you.
Uddin : Nice to meet you to.
Yubi lived day by bad day, because the foster mother and three Brother mean to her. Yubi was told to clean the house, washing clothes, mopping, and cook like a maid.
That morning in the diningroom  ....
Salah   : Hungry, where the food!
Al        : (My dirty clothes) huh  ...
Mom   : Yubi  ...  Yubi  ...  (shouts) fast.
Yubi    : This is.
Al        : So a long time.
Yubi    : I’am sorry brother.
When Yubi will come eat with Al suddenly pushed to the floor so that Yubi falls.
Al        : What are you doing in here?
Yubi    : (Confused) I want to eat Brother’s
Al        : I know but do not eat here.
Yubi    : Why?
Al        : You are only a servant here.
Yubi    : I was not your Brother’s.
Salah   : Your Brother told me ...  since when did we become your Brother.
Mom   : When I had you? You’re just a foster child.
Uddin : Stop, don’t talk anymore. I was giddy to hear your argue.
Al        : I’m leaving school mom.
Salah   : bye mom.
Udiin’s Daughter came to say  ...
Udiin  : Yes Yub (Yubi),  patience.
Yubi    : Yes Brother.
Mom   : Now that you clean the entire this house.
Yubi    : Yes ...  yes ...  mom
Six hours ago  ...
Al, Salah, and Udiin got home  ...
Tock ... Tock ... Tock ...
Al        : Open the door!
Yubi    : Yes Brother briefly (jegrek)
Salah litered the floor again and again...
Al        : it’s still dirty.
Salah   : (spilling a drink onto the floor again).
Al        : It’s too dirty.
Mom   : Hi my girl, you’re back.
Al        : Yes mom.
Salah   : Mom....
Udiin  : Mom   ... Big Brother was a mess Salah newly cleaned Yubi.
Al        : Shut up... you.
Mom   : Oh... don’t fight.
Salah   : suddenly fall ...
Salah   : Ah   ...   Mom
Mom   : Why, dear ...?
Salah   : Yubi accidentally making me fall.
Mom   : Basic, maid.
When I want to hit my lady, she also fell ...
Al        : Ih ... Yubi basis crazy.
Al also fall  overlaping mom and Salah.
Billla  : Why do not torture Yubi continued.
Mom   : Udiin, why you are defending the maid.
Al        : Yes, why?
Udin  : As Yubi is innocent, please apologize to the Yubi was
Mom, Salah, Al : Put forgive us?,
Yubi    : Yes, I have forgiven You.
Finally, they lived happely.

Tokoh-tokoh dalam drama di atas adalah penggalan dari nama saya, semoga bermanfaat sob...
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