Contoh deskripsi tumbuhan dalam bahasa Inggris


This tree has many names iodine, especially in the area of ​​Indonesia. In Java there was a call by the name of Chinese distance, distance and distance tintir octopus. In the area they call the name ternate balacai batai. While the scientific name of the tree itself iodine is Jatropha multifida L.

The tree is a plant menaun iodine and includes shrub that has a taproot. Plant height could reach 2 meters. Having rounded stems and woody. Enlarged stem base. All parts of this plant are gummy and the trunk was evident membekasnya of stem leaves have fallen. When young green stems and after dark to greenish white. The plant is a single leafy green color and scattered throughout the stem. Heart-shaped leaves with a pointed tip and a rounded base. This plant flowers shaped panicles of compound interest and have a stalk. Flowers appear on the tips of the branches with long flower stalks about 1.5 cm. flower stems are green and dark brown if. While red flowers. No flower stamens and anthers eight hooves shaped flower buds with three short size. These plants have seeds that are round. When the beans are young and white color will be brown when old.

Tree iodine taste is somewhat bitter and neutral. Chemical constituents of this plant is owned Kampesterol, alpha amirin, stigmaterol, 7 alpha-diol, HCN and beta-sitosterol, while the trunk is an alkaloid content (the so-called blood clotting), flavonoids, saponins and tannins. 

1. Healer swollen hit, sprains and broken bones A mbil seven fresh leaves and wash thoroughly, then mash until halus.Tambah with a little water to form a dough and apply on the affected part.
2. A bloody wound healer mbil fresh leaf or stem and rub the sap on new wounds that were previously washed with clean cuts.
3. Prevent and treat tooth decay A mbil one grain seeds, mash until smooth and pour a glass of hot water. Use to rinse when it's cold for 3 to 5 minutes. Do it three times a day. Maintenance iodine treatment plants is very easy, just watered regularly every day and keep the soil moist. If you want to fertilize organic flourish and give enough sunlight. 

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