Contoh teks dama film dalam bahasa inggris

  The story is about a girl who enters the world called wonderland.Before that,  Alice has always dreamed of being in the world, but Alice thought it was a nightmare. In the 13 years after he came to the party which was the feast is a feast of a nobleman who had proposed Hamish. At the time of application, when Hamish asked her if she wanted to marry him, Alice ran and follows a rabbit wearing a vest. Then, Alice falls in the dark hole under the ground, until finally he was in the living room that she did not know what it is.
Alice                     : Where am I? (Look in all directions)
            What is this drink? (Drink a small bottle)
            Why? why am I so small? . What is this cake? (Eat cake)
            Oh, Oh My God

Alice saw the key and then drink a bottle of reducers and managed to open the door.
Alice                     : What place is it ? weird and very weird
Tweedles              : Who are you? Are you Alice?
Alice                     : Yeah, I'm Alice. Who are you?
Tweedles              : We Tweedles. Do you really Alice?
Alice                     : Sure, but where am I?
Tweedles              : But I'm not so sure. Maybe she's the wrong Alice.
Alice                     : I actually Alice, but why is this place that I used to dream
Tweedles              : Should we take her to the Hatter alone.
They went to see the Hatter, but on the other hand JubJub bird brought to the palace Tweedles red queen Salazen Grum. Fortunately, Alice meets a cat named "Chessur" and deliver to the Hatter Alice. And in the Red Queen's castle.
Red queen           : Someone stole my cake? . . . . . . . .
           Oh, why is everyone do like  stupid people.
Ilosovic Stayne    : The glorious. . . . . . .
                     I found the Oraculum.
Red Queen           : Where have you been? Oh, it looks ordinary for an oracle.
Ilosovic Stayne    : Look at this, in the Frabjous day
Red Queen           : I think I know it's matted hair. Is  Alice?
Ilosovic Stayne    : yes, you’re right
Red Queen           : what she will do with my Jabberwocky?
Ilosovic Stayne    : looks like she will kill the Jabberwocky
Red Queen           : What? Find her and kill her, Stayne.  Kill her ....
Meanwhile in the White Queen's castle,
White Queen        : Huh? Oh,  why do you look gloomy trees?
            Perhaps we should be more friendly again.
Waiter                  : iyah glorious.
White Queen        : Oh, my sister why do you make things like this?
            You killed my father and mother just for your sake alone.
Waiter                  : Don’t think it again glorious.
Hatter and Alice had met, and the hatter were having a tea party.
Hatter                  : Oh, Alice. You're late for tea. Basic brat.
            But, come follow me
Alice                     : Where are we going?
Hatter                  : Everything will change, when you kill the Jabberwocky red
            queen will swallow the earth vanished.
Alice                     : I'm sorry, what did you say? I kill?
Hatter                  : Umm,,,,,,,
                               Yes, you’ll kill the Jabberwocky
At nightfall, the red queen with her brooding and Ilosovic Stayne
IlosovicStayne     : The Glorious,
Red Queen           : Oh, Ilosovic Stayne
Ilosovic  Stayne   : What has been bothering glorious?
Red Queen           : I think people started to fight and the presence of Alice
  has been bugging me.
Ilosovic Stayne    : That's not a big thing glorious
Red Queen           : Prepare the troops Stayne, we are going to visit my little
Alice managed to get the Vorpal sword and came to the White Queen's palace to hand it to the white queen
Alice                     : It's the White Queen, the Vorpal Sword. I think this is
White Queen        : Thank you, Vorpal Sword has returned to his place.
            Why did you get for this?
Alice                     : I'm eating too much upelkunchen
White Queen        : Oh, I know. Come follow me
            What do you think about my sister ? I think his head. . .
Alice                     : bulbous?
White Queen        : Haha, iyah. My sister would rather learn the power of the
  living creatures.
Alice                     : You could not imagine what was going on in that place?
White Queen        : Oh, yes I can. But when the champion managed to slay the
  Jabberwocky all people  will fight.
And when the day arrives Frabjous, White Queen and the Red Queen meet on the battlefield with the respective champion. Jabberwocky and the Red Queen to Alice and the White Queen with the Vorpal sword.
Jabberwocky        : We meet again, my old rival, the Vorpal Sword.
Alice                     : Shut up? (Sliced ​​tongue Jabberwocky)
            I off your head. . . .
So long fight, Alice finally prevailed and managed to kill the Jabberwocky.
White Queen        : Alice, you have the eternal gratitude
Alice                     : What could bring me home ?
White Queen        : If that's what you want
Hatter                  : Can not you stay here?
Alice                     : Don’t worry, I'll be back before you know it.
Hatter                  : Farewell
And finally Alice back to her world. And Alice replied Hamish application with the answer "No" and he plans to continue his efforts to trade around the world.

Messages that can be drawn from this story is we should not make a decision too quickly because there are many things we have to do so every action we will do must be well thought out and never greedy for wealth and power.

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