Contoh narrative text BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Once upon a time, there was a prince. He lived in a castle in France.
One day a woman came to his castle. She was old and ugly. The prince didn’t like her and sent her away.
After the prince sent the woman away, she turned into a beautiful fairy. She cursed the prince and his castle. The prince became a beast. He was very ugly now. All his servants became furniture. The prince could be a human again if a woman fell in love with him.
Meanwhile, on the other of mountain, there lived a girl. Her name was Belle. She lived with her father, Maurice.
One day, Maurice traveled past the castle. It was raining very hard he came into the castle. When the beast saw him, he captured him.
Belle was so worried because her father didn’t come back. She began to look for him. She arrived in the castle and she found her father there. Belle agreed to stay in the castle so that her father could go home.
First, Belle didn’t like the Beast because he was mean. Then, slowly he changed. He was not mean anymore. Belle began to like him and finally she fell in love with him.
Right after she declared her love to the Beast the spell was broken. The Beast and his servants became human again. The Beast and Belle got married. They lived happily ever after.
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